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Ohmie offers
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What can a Smart Flat Powered by Ohmie do for you?

Smarthome systems are the fastest growing way to add instant value, comfort and security to your home. Now is the time for you to add smarthome assets to your property.

smarthome air con control


Our smart home front door lock will give you instant Bluetooth access when you are in range, or send the kids a unique code when they have forgotten their key to give them once off access. Best of all ... you can also use your lock with a traditional key.

Access your entry lights…from inside the house or anywhere in the world. Schedule your lights with the touch of your fingertips, on your mobile, iPad ... or using a traditional wall switch.

granny flats in sydney with smarthome apps


More than 50% of house fires are caused by cooktops and ovens. Our smoke alarm will shut down any active cooktops or ovens when triggered, as well as sending you a message to alert you.

smarthome energy usage control


Monitor your electricity usage in real time using Australian designed technology – see how much you are saving each month.

Air conditioning and heating can be a drain on your electricity – with Ohmie, you are in control of when your air conditioner is active.

Want to remotely control your lighting, coffee maker, TV or more? All is possible with Ohmie.

app controlled smarthome australia

App or Voice control

Use the Ohmie App to control your system. Or use voice control with the Google Home mini provided with your Ohmie package.

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$10,000 worth of smarthome value

Installed and supported FREE when you build a Granny Flat with Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements.

Or speak to us about a free quote for installation in your existing home, extension or granny flat.

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